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About Coco&Soy

We believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your health to enjoy beautiful fragrances.

About Us...
Coco&Soy Candle Company is a home fragrance company that aims to bridge the gap between clean fragrance, design, and quality. We’re known for having beautiful fragrances that fill up an entire room and unique seasonal scents. We also offer wholesale and large bulk orders as well as custom designs for clients celebrating special occasions like baby showers, weddings and birthdays.

Our goal is to create more than candles, we’re aiming to create a lifestyle brand that embodies self-care and products that make you feel good and smell good. We want our candles to spark an emotion that goes far beyond just lighting a flame, we want to spark a vibe, a creative thought, or a sense of calm and serenity. Whatever it is you’re in need of at the moment, we want our candles to be the flame that ignites it.

Meet the Maker...
Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about Coco&Soy! I'm Tiffany and this is my family: Charles, Tiana and Kaiden. When Charles and I considered expanding our family, it made me curious about the products we have in our household and the foods I put in my body. I've always had a love for candles and fragrance, but as I did more research I learned that some of my favorite candles were made from extremely toxic ingredients that were not only harmful to the environment but harmful to myself and loved ones as well. As someone who always had a love for coconut oil, I stumbled upon coconut wax and never looked back.

I fell in love with the candle making process and the power of fragrance, and today we carry over 25 different scents in our catalog in four different ways: travel tin candles, wax melts, single wick jar candles and two wick candles. Stay tuned because our journey is just beginning! We hope to continue creating more clean home fragrance products that are not just good for you, but also highly functional and appropriate for the entire family.

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