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Candle Wick Trimmers
Candle Wick Trimmers
Coco&Soy Candle Company

Candle Wick Trimmers

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Ever wonder why your candles produce black soot when burning and build up around the rim? Your unclipped wick may be the culprit! Keep your candle wicks neat, trimmed and clean burning with our new, high quality and stylish metal candle wick trimmers.

Benefits of wick trimmers:

  • Keeps candle wicks neat, trimmed and clean burning.
  • Maintain optimum burn quality with properly trimmed candle wicks. 
  • Works like a pair of candle scissors. Designed with an angled handle for ease of use.
  • Built in wick catcher will catch any debris from trimming tool.
  • 7" total length will easily trim tall candles.


  • Length: 7"
  • Color: Black

Follow these candle CARE TIPS for maximum enjoyment!