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Why handcrafted candles are better?

Hand-poured candles are better, and here’s why… 
1) Not only do you have the chance to connect with the person behind the brand, but there’s something special about owning something someone carefully crafted by hand.
2) Most hand-poured candles are made from a premium coconut or soy wax blend that is smooth, creamy, eco-friendly and burns clean.
3) Our fragrance oils are carefully sourced from reputable suppliers, are typically phthalate free, and may even include essential oils.
4) Your local candle maker is also a scentologist who not only knows amazing fragrance but can also connect with you on a personal level and make  recommendations on scents that will suit your palette. 
5) There’s a real person doing a happy dance every time you place an order or share your love for their brand + products.

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