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Why Coconut Wax?

Soy has been a favorite among the all natural community and consumers looking for products with a better environmental impact. Soy is better than Paraffin Wax (derived from petroleum, coal, or oil shale) and the not so sustainable beeswax. However, here is why Coconut Wax is the new superstar and a better choice than soy.

  • Coconut Wax is a renewable, high yield crop. This makes it a great sustainable product. We Love Eco Friendly! 
  • Coconut Wax burns cleaner and longer than any of the other waxes. Longer burn gives you a better investment for your candle purchase.
  • Coconut Wax has a much better scent throw. Fragrance oils and essential oils blend perfectly with this wax. 
  • Coconut Wax is a Non-GMO product. 
  • Coconut Wax has beautiful, creamy white color. We decided not to mess with a good thing. We leave the all natural color in all our products. No extra coloring here!

When we decided to add candles to our collection, we researched every wax on the market. Coconut Wax won us over before we even poured our first candle. We wanted a product that represented giving and light. A product that used ingredients with a negative eco footprint was not an option. It was love at first coconut. Let us help you fall in love with candles again!

Photo courtesy of Candle Science

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